tirsdag, august 22, 2006

Welcome to the Olympic city of -94

Last week Håkons mom and dad drove us to Øyer. We have now been with my famili for 9 days, and tomorrow we are moving on. More friends and family to see:)
Here are some pictures from our adventures this last week:

This is the beautiful city Lillehammer in rain.

I have a older sister in the north of Sweden so mom and dad took us up there to meet them. It`s a long drive, 12 hours, but it was so nice to see them. We had a lot of fun, and the last day we even got sun!!!!!
Here are some memories:

The trip was long and I fell asleep, something Håkon had to take a picture of..:)

We had to drive over the mountains, and in the middle of the road we met some cows..

This is the beautiful mountains of Norway.

In Lyckcele Susanna and I made waffels. This is my dad, Erlend and mom eating waffels and brown chees! Yum!!!!!

We went on a small hiking trip down to the river.

My mom, Erlend, Susanna, me and Håkon

Mom, my sister Grete and Samuel relaxing

Outside playing

Håkon in the sun:)

Erlend got a radio controlled car from grandpa!

Susanna and Aunte Irene is bestfriends!

After we came back from 4 days in Sweden we celebrated Mia´s 7th birthday. And Håkon and I was invited to follow Mia to her first day in 2 grade. It was so nice. Sara had her first day back in daycare the same day. They are so big girls!

Last night we went to some friends for dinner. They made taco and we had a lovely night! They have been to Australia and love it, so we are just waiting for them to come visit us when we are back.

Sigfrid and Fred

This is Håkon and their dog Akilles. Both Håkon and I miss having a dog... But maybe we are more ready for a baby? Hmmmm... Who knows what tomorrow might bring....

mandag, august 14, 2006

Love is in the air

Our beautiful Trygve is now married to his wonderful Benedikte! It was such a lovely wedding yesterday. Look how beautiful they both are:

They got married in a Norwegian old wooden church.

This is us outside the church. My husband is so handsome!!!

The day we came back we had dinner at Håkons parents place. It was so nice. His sister, Heidi, and family was there. His brother, that just got married, his parents and mine. It was a good day!!! Even though we look at bit tired... But after travelling for almost 30 hours I think that is ok:)

Today we have spent the day with Heidi, Milla and Håkons grandmother. It has been really relaxing and nice. Milla is almost 9 months and so cute! I love her!!

Yeah, I think that was it for now...
I love being back home! Tomorrow we´re going to my parents place. Mom`s making us fish!! Oh la la!!! Can`t wait... :)

torsdag, august 10, 2006

Home sweet home!

Oh my Gosh!! Norway is pretty!!! Summer and sun!!

We arrivede yesterday at noon, after a loooooooooong journey. It is so far man! I can`t wait til someone figures out a way to travel without spending time:) I know what happened to Phillip, but I apparently don`t have enough faith yet... But anyways it is so good to be back with our family! Beautiful, amazing family! We are so blessed!
Yesterday we ate, talked, shopped a little and ate more... How amazing to be able to have Norwegian food, whenever you want to!! And whenever I want to is ALWAYS!!! My mother-in-law`s kitchen cupboard is soon empty... :) I feel so happy!
Will publish some photos and stuff soon! Just wanted to let you all know that we are good!
Love Irene <3